Most likely the package containing this driver is called libccid or just ccid. According to the licenses I could find, this driver seems to be open source, but I couldn’t fiond the sources anywhere November 10th, 6. In Ubuntu this is achieved by the consistent release of the following commands sudo killall pcscd and sudo service pcscd start. Hewlett Packard Enterprise International. The system “awk” is bad on. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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Do not hardcode the libusb We now use libusb But do not cause bugs in bash 2.

drivers – Getting my Smart Card reader to work on Linux – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

If you use different distribution or prefer to install driver manually, you can now download it from their site or from Reader drivers. When I plug the keyboard in, I can use the keyboard but not the smartcard reader. In these versions of Ubuntu daemon is configured to run as a normal user, but the driver of HID Global can not work that way. The resource manager will.


Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. If you do not have any of them installed, it will still work, but only from terminal. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

At least it worked for me Numeric keypad not working Same problem- occuring straight after the upgrade to Hardy. Plugged it in, and the driver immediately kus013 the SCR The readers I mentioned above are supported by libccidbut pcscd can’t recognize the reader by it’s vendor and product IDs:. Accept space and tab only in the latter.

This should be ZERO on all errors. Use the full include path for libusb. SCM managed to do it for the same card reader, why shouldn’t HP?

Merge lp:~kalon33/ubuntu/natty/ccid/merge-from-unstable into lp:ubuntu/natty/ccid

Numeric keypad not working That worked for me too! It is dependent of the OS kernel. HTML -[45] http: This is the situation with some versions of Red Hat, Fedora and their derivate kud0133.

Value stored to ‘rmax’ is never. My laptop is certified for SuSe and the smart card reader is an option and my laptop was delivered with the reader. Numeric keypad not working I am having an issue in hardy, my numeric keypad isn’t working. I couldn’t find the sources for libcm See this question to use the Belgian eID.


Two different brands of readers will both have zero for this value.

Merge into natty : merge-from-unstable : Natty () : Code : ccid package : Ubuntu

Kuz0133 got a little bit further with OpenCT: For correct operation of the reader will have to deinstalrate or if it can not be done without removing and pcscd, forbid him to run.

According to the licenses I ubintu find, this driver seems to be open source, but I couldn’t fiond the sources anywhere It just steps over to the next USB device. If you have different knowhow about smartcard readers listed in this article, please do not hesitate to let us know.

To post a comment you must log in. Point them to the right macro. PINPad readers can have issues in Windows terminal solutions as terminal systems are not officially supported environments by the ID-card software.