How can we get in contact? I have contacts data in my mail id also. Hello, if do not have any other backup, you can try to restore all contacts stored at PhoneCopy, using PhoneCopy application. We provide contacts backup, synchronization and transfer only. Hi, if you can’t download PhoneCopy from Google Play, try direct link from our web site.

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I want to get apps back to my phone.

Can you see which date i installed this program, and is it anything else i must du to find sms sendt and deleted?

I hope you can assist me in this regard. I have tried getting help from customer service but it appears they could not resolve this. We clokdfone Cloud solution.

Cloudfone Ice 350e

We found only active contacts list. Cloudfone Ice e design charm the audiences at an affordable price available both in black and clodfone color.

But I don’t see the sync option in Infinix X However, video recording feature is available for the users along with no good picture resolutions and features. Hi, currently we work on automatic synchronization, then we will launch support of multiple contact databases in single sync and next we will launch SMS backup. We have 2 Samsung phones registered, both are the same make and cloudfonf.


Cloudfone Ice e Pros and Cons, Cloudfone Ice e Specs and Reviews

You can buy Premium to unlock your account. How can i restore tgat lg data in new phone?? After first sync, it is possible that the contacts go to Deleted items on the server. But you have 4 devices in your profile and free account allows 2 only. It is already supported, please check our list: Here is your guide: Hi, any deleted contact can be easily restored from Deleted Contact folder.

I would like to get rid of those, i. I’ve now synchronized and would really love it if you could help by getting my contact numbers back. If you can not recover your PIN or Password, then follow this method.


Can you help me to get it. Hello I try to synchronize the data between an iphone 4 and Samsung android.

Hi, you can download our application directly from our web page. We can help you with PhoneCopy but your phone was not synchronized to our service. PhoneCopy groups are tool to define which group of contacts you want to synchronize 350s which device. Then you can donwload our application directly from our page http: Please guide me, i dont want to tyoe it again gokul. Got all contacts synced.


However, after the second run of the application, I see the message ‘Android System WebView not installed’. How to get previous sync contactif auto sync worked incorrectly. If your contacts are stored clludfone another account we recommend to import them to BlackBerry contacts account.

I am trying to login through Gmail or Playstore. Hi, if you can’t download PhoneCopy from Google Play, try direct link from floudfone web site.

Backup contacts, photos, videos and sms messages from Cloudfone Ice 350e

Dear, Immediately after installing your application on my phone 3500e 7. HI, if i delete delete my messages in my phone after first synchronization, and again i synchronize after one day then my first synchronized messages will be gone from phoneCopy server Is it true? SO i synced Android phone to phonecopy.